Jerry Ross

Purdue astronaut Jerry Ross has been chosen for the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

He will join seven other Boilermakers who have been inducted previously.

Ross was the first human to complete seven space shuttle missions.

He retired from NASA in 2012.

Ross is being inducted along with astronaut Shannon Lucid, who is the only American woman to serve aboard Russia’s Mir space station.

A ceremony is set for May 3rd at the Kennedy Space Center.


Jan 31, 2013

Spacewalker: My Journey in Space and Faith as NASA's Record-Setting Frequent Flyer, published by Purdue University Press, is the autobiography of Jerry L. Ross. It tells the story of how he came not only to achieve his goal of becoming an astronaut, but to become the most-launched astronaut in history, as well as a NASA veteran whose career spanned the entire U.S. Space Shuttle program.

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talks about the book with Jerry Ross and writer John Norberg.


A Purdue alumnus is giving materials from his 32 year NASA career to the university’s archives. Jerry Ross received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Purdue in the 1970s, and his time with the U.S. space program included a world-record seven shuttle launches. 

Tracy Grimm oversees the Barron Hilton Archives for Flight and Space Exploration at Purdue. She says the collections rely on donations from alumni who were involved with aviation at all levels.