Karen Freeman-Wilson

Gary Mayor: Lawmakers Need To Stay Out Of Our Schools

Apr 2, 2018
The mayor of Gary says lawmakers should let the current emergency management process function without further interference. (Steve Burns/WTIU)
Jeanie Lindsay


Lawmakers worked on a controversial school financial management bill this year, but it died in the last minutes of the regular session. The mayor of Gary says lawmakers should avoid more community specific mandates during the special session.


After decades of manufacturing job losses, some Hoosier cities with majority white populations are bouncing back. But Gary, which is mostly black, is still struggling to stabilize.

It’s where former steelworker Mike Mitchell grew up. He pulls up to an empty lot on a quiet side street and stops his car.

“That’s where we used to stay,” he says.

The house where he grew up was torn down years ago. Now, it’s just weeds and wood scraps.

Gary's 'Saggy Pants' Ordinance Moves To Common Council

Oct 27, 2015
City of Gary Youth Council / https://www.facebook.com/926495514082281/photos/a.935426839855815.1073741828.926495514082281/996212553777243/?type=3&theater

It appears the city of Gary may try to phase out saggy, droopy pants.

The Gary Youth Council has overwhelming voted in favor of an ordinance that would ban wearing saggy pants in public.

Youth Council President Dai'one Fields says the vote was six to zero.

“To recommend an ordinance to the Gary Common Council to ban sagging pants in public places, on public property,” Fields says.