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It’s no secret what the biggest topic is on this edition of WBAA’s Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels.

We could easily have filled the whole show with the many lingering questions about Purdue’s deal to buy online educator Kaplan University.

We won’t, but we will ask Purdue’s leader why the deal doesn’t include provisos mandating more transparency, whether he was prepared for the backlash he’s received and whether that backlash creates more possibility that any of the agencies which still have to sign off on the deal will instead put the kibosh on it.

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Top agronomists at Purdue University will be part of a new nationwide higher education task force on food security.

The Association of Public and Land Grant Universities is putting together the 31-member commission, which aims to ensure that the world's rapidly growing population has enough to eat.

It was funded by the Kellogg Foundation to devise research and public education ideas for improving food access and nutrition by 2050, when the global population is set to hit 9 billion.

Federal agriculture official visits Purdue

Jan 24, 2013

Millions of dollars in federal funding for Purdue is tied to the U.S. Farm Bill, including money from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) specifically for land grant universities.

Sonny Ramaswamy is the director of NIFA and a former associate dean in Purdue’s College of Agriculture. He realizes budget cuts are likely, but says he’ll make a strong case against severe reductions in that money as Congress writes a new Farm Bill this year.