Applications Open For Half-Year In 10 Pre-K Expansion Counties

Sep 26, 2017

The state-funded preschool pilot program that began with five counties was expanded during the 2017 legislative session for 15 more counties. Now, parents in 10 of those counties can apply for half-year preschool.

But all low-income families applying will also have to comply with a new program requirement.

A state grant would pay for half or full day preschool for a 4-year-old child beginning next January.

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Eight lesbian couples are going to a federal judge to try changing birth certificates. The couples involved argue that the certificates should list both parents.

Indiana birth certificates list the birth mother and the father.  For a lesbian couple like Nicki and Tonya Bush-Sawyer, that leaves one of them out. 

Nicki is their son’s biological mother.  Speaking outside the courthouse, she says the legal situation is particularly hard for them because she works full-time and Tonya takes care of their son.

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The first huge milestones of a kid’s life -- crawling, walking, talking, are often cultivated by their parents. But often, once a child enters school full time those milestones shift from the living room to the classroom.

A teacher takes on the responsibility of helping a child master reading, counting and various motor skills, with the parents playing a supporting role.

The beet goes on

Aug 21, 2012

Oscar Wilde once said, “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.”

That quote does not apply to Scott Hutcheson, who has learned to appreciate the things he once questioned about his parents.

Salad Greens with Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese, and Glazed Walnuts

•                     4 medium-sized beets

•                     Olive oil

•                     Salt and pepper to taste

•                     8 ounces of goat cheese

•                     Glazed walnuts

•                     Green, leafy greens