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With just one hurdle left to clear before Purdue University’s deal to buy for-profit Kaplan University is complete, several hundred faculty members are hoping to put up a roadblock.

More than 300 of them signed a petition that was sent this week to the Higher Learning Commission, whose accreditors must sign off on the deal before it can proceed.

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Indiana’s Republican congressional delegation has filed legislation to help veterans who were students at ITT Technical Institute when the for-profit college suddenly shut down last week.

U.S. Rep. Luke Messer says the intent is to fully restore GI Bill educational benefits to students attending a college or university that closes.

Student veterans could then apply to a new school with full benefits.

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Despite a shortage of nurses in Indiana, five nursing programs in the state are in danger of being shut down by the State Board of Nursing for their graduates’ lackluster performance on license exams.

After a student completes a nursing program, he or she is required to take a licensing exam before becoming employed.

If a school’s pass rate on the exam falls below 80 percent (a standard deviation below the national average) for three years or more, it has to create a correction plan. If it still doesn’t improve, its accreditation can be taken away.