Purdue Anti-Racism Coalition

Chris Morisse Vizza

The extreme cold temperatures on Wednesday provided members of Purdue’s Muslim Student Association an opportunity to warm relations with the community.

The students offered free coffee and donuts to all who passed by the Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette.

Outreach Director Enosh Kazem, a West Lafayette native and Purdue food science graduate student, organized the “Meet a Muslim” event.

While the spring semester is over for Purdue students, some will be on campus this summer, working on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Organizers say the effort is designed to foster an open dialogue on such things as race, gender equality and religious tolerance. But graduate student Tyrell Connor says no one wants it to be a case of pointing fingers at certain people or groups.

Purdue president meets with student protesters

Apr 26, 2013

Students in the Purdue Anti-Racism Coalition met with President Mitch Daniels this morning.

The closed-door meeting at Hovde Hall lasted about 45 minutes, with all participants agreeing that it was a productive discussion.

Black Graduate Association president Tyrell Connor believes the meeting is the start of campus-wide changes.

The students presented Daniels with a list of demands that include doubling minority student enrollment over the next ten years, and establishing a university-wide Anti-Discrimination Task Force.

Possible hate crime being investigated at Purdue

Apr 23, 2013
Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

Part of a display left after a Purdue Anti-Racism Coalition demonstration has been defaced according to university police. The incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Detectives say a sign left by some candles in front of Hovde Hall after the Coalition’s demonstration Monday had a racial slur written on it. A picture of a body hanging from a tree also was drawn on the sign.

They believe the incident happened around 9:15 a.m. Tuesday. Anyone with information should contact the Purdue Police at 765-494-8221 or its anonymous tip line at 765-496-3784. 

Anti-racism march at Purdue

Apr 22, 2013
Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

More than 200 members of the campus community are raising awareness of racism at Purdue and asking the administration to do something about it.

Monday's march began at the Black Cultural Center and went to the Memorial Mall before ending at the steps of Hovde Hall.

Chris Warren works in the university’s American Studies program and says the impression he got from those watching the march is that people don’t care about the issue.

Mike Loizzo / WBAA

A group of students is asking the Purdue Board of Trustees to do more to fight racism and discrimination.

About a dozen students stood up at the beginning of the board’s committee meeting, holding signs that reflect some requests they’ve made in a petition. After about ten minutes, the group walked out of the meeting, holding their signs and some with their fists in the air.