Safe Haven Law

Indiana Department of Child Services /

The Department of Child Services wants the legislature to help improve the process of reporting child abuse and neglect to the agency. 

Department of Child Services legislative director Parvonay Stover says state law requires anyone to report potential child abuse and neglect without delay. And she says the agency wants state law to help ensure that when it comes to schools’ internal policies.

First Safe Haven Baby Drop-off Boxes Installed In Indiana

Apr 27, 2016
Safe Haven Baby Boxes /

The first baby boxes in the country are being unveiled at two northern Indiana fire stations this week. The boxes act as incubators to protect babies abandoned under the state’s Safe Haven law, passed in 2015.

Indiana law allows parents of unwanted newborns to give up their babies at fire stations, police departments and hospitals. The Safe Haven Baby Boxes aim to keep those parents anonymous and their baby safe.

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The Senate has unanimously endorsed a first step toward creating "baby boxes" for abandoned newborns.

Since 2000, Indiana has had a "safe haven" law allowing babies to be dropped off anonymously at hospitals or fire stations. A House bill would go a step further and allow the installation of incubator dropboxes.

Rep. Casey Cox (R-Fort Wayne) says there have been cases in which parents don‘t trust the promise of anonymity and abandon infants in parks or trash bins -- exactly the scenario the safe haven law was intended to prevent.

State Could Provide 'Safe Haven' Baby Boxes For Parents

Feb 26, 2015
Eric Allix Rogers /

Indiana could become the first state to put out boxes designed for parents to put babies in when giving those children up.

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes bill was passed unanimously by the House as an alternative to parents abandoning children in unsafe areas.

Fort Wayne firefighter and paramedic Monica Kelsey says not enough parents know about the Safe Haven Law and there need to be more options for desperate parents.