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Indiana’s business community is waiting to see how federal tax reform plans, set for release next week, might impact their companies and workers.

At a roundtable in Indianapolis on Thursday, business leaders said they want to communicate to their workers and the public that lowering America’s corporate tax rate will be good for more than just executive paychecks.

Indiana’s growing number of wineries and small vineyards want to make the Hoosier state synonymous with wine country.

Yet, a tricky climate limits what grapes they can grow in-state, and complex regulations limit where they can sell the resulting wines.

So these local wine destinations are finding other ways to make their marks.

At Two-Ee’s Winery near Huntington, the barrels and tanks in the production room are full of juice from grapes you’ve probably never heard of.

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Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined a federal complaint Tuesday challenging new rules concerning overtime pay.

Under the final version of the rules, unveiled in May, salaried employees making less than $47,476 a year will earn time-and-a-half for working overtime.

It’s twice the old threshold, and some small businesses have expressed concern about being able to make the switch.

The complaint, which includes Indiana and 20 other states, urges a federal court to block the new rules before they take effect on Dec. 1st.

A Shelbyville state representative is sponsoring legislation that aims to help Hoosiers save for retirement.

Rep. Sean Eberhart says upwards of 50-percent of all Hoosier workers don't have access to employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.

That's why he says he's sponsoring the "HERO," or Hoosier Employee Retirement Options, bill during the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly.

The Scary Business Of Running A Haunted House

Oct 30, 2015
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Haunted house operators say their economic concerns have become greater in recent years, especially as customers demand much more than a guy in a mask who jumps out and says “boo!”

Amusement Consultant and "haunterpreneur" Leonard Pickel has been working in the haunted house industry for decades. He’s seen haunted carwashes and even a haunted chicken ranch. He says the industry cycles between favoring blood-and-gore-based establishments and more cerebral, cinematic experiences, which is the current trend.

Donnelly Campaign

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) says the Export-Import Bank, which provides financing to help companies ship products overseas, is critical to the health of the U-S economy.  But he says he’s fearful a group of what he calls “ideologues” will prevent its reauthorization in Congress.

Opponents of the Export-Import Bank, including Tea Party Republicans and conservative groups such as Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, decry it as corporate welfare.  They says it’s a gift of taxpayer dollars to bolster big companies. 

Harsh Winter Sapping State's Wine Grape Crops

May 14, 2014
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Indiana Vineyards are losing as much as 75-percent of their grape yields this year because of last winter's deep freeze.

Winemakers like David Simmons, co-owner of Simmons Winery near Columbus, knew they were going to take a hit, but are just now discovering exactly how much they’ve lost as their grape vines begin to bud.

"It's been a very difficult winter, we've had a lot of bud damage on the vines," Simmons says.