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Being mom’s favorite might sound great – but Purdue social scientists have discovered it sometimes comes with a large price.

Researchers studied families for 16 years as part of the longitudinal Within Family Differences Study, which explores relationships among different generations of families. Their most recent findings show adult children who perceive themselves as a mother’s favorite are more likely to exhibit signs of depression.

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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales recently came to Purdue to talk about “democracy and the internet.”

Before his lecture, WBAA News Director Stan Jastrzebski sat down with Wales to see if there are ways to improve the way people interact with the World Wide Web -- and in the process make it safer for all users.

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If you think all the news stories about the so-called Islamic State haven’t pervaded the culture in Indiana, both researchers and Muslim leaders say: think again.

Do a quick search on the NPR website for the term ISIS and you get just more than 1,100 results.  Check for the White House’s preferred term ISIL and it’s a scant 200. But search instead for that group’s go-to name, The Islamic State, and the number balloons to more than 8,000 hits – the majority of them in the last 12 months.