Tim Wesco

The House approved legislation Monday to eliminate the fee for Indiana’s lifetime handgun carry license.

Cash from gun carry permits typically goes to local law enforcement agency budgets. And some expressed concerns eliminating the fee would cut into police funding.

Rep. Tim Wesco (R-Osceola), the bill’s author, says the fee elimination doesn’t take effect until July 2019.

Military veterans won’t have certain financial resources considered when applying for tuition aid under legislation advanced Tuesday.

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Much of the final debate on the gaming bill revolved around the looming specter of a tribal casino that’s headed for South Bend.  The legislation is aimed at helping Indiana’s gaming industry remain competitive.

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House Republicans rejected several attempts by Democrats on Thursday to change the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The measure says a government cannot encroach on a Hoosier’s religious beliefs unless it has a compelling interest to do so.

One of the most common fears about the measure is that it will sanction discrimination, particularly against the LGBT community. Some worry the controversial measure will allow, for instance, caterers to refuse to work a fundraiser for an abortion clinic, or photographers to refuse to participate in a same sex wedding.