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A Purdue lecturer has returned from a visit to her native Ukraine, where she says fighting between state troops and Russian-backed separatists is taking its toll even in the capital of Kiev, her hometown.

Natasha Uhl says the conditions she saw aren't limited to the border region with Russia, which is many miles from the capital.

She also worries the Ukraine in which she grew up is not the same one currently inhabited by her son, daughter-in-law and their soon-to-be-born child.

IU-Kokomo Professor To Help Monitor Ukraine Elections

May 14, 2014

An Indiana professor will be among 900 volunteers in Ukraine to help monitor the country‘s upcoming presidential election.

IU- Kokomo Professor Kathy Parkison, an economics professor and the interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will be one of the observers keeping watch at the polling places for signs of voter intimidation or voter fraud.

“You watch the closing, you watch the count. You verify that if they had 35 votes for this and 50 votes for that, or whatever the number is, that they write down 35 and 50,” Parkison says.