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Tipp Co Cuts Ties With Election Software Company

May 13, 2016
Nathan Gibbs /

Six months before the November general election, the Tippecanoe County Election Board is shopping for a new contractor to provide computer software needed to run the voting system.

The three-member board voted Friday to cancel the county’s contract with Robis Elections, based in Wheaton, Illinois.

New voting districts are in place for the Tippecanoe County commission and council.

Commissioners signed off on the new maps drawn with advice from the Area Plan Commission and election board staff. District lines were redrawn based on the latest census information.

The county’s population increased 16% over the last decade. Districts had to be reworked so each has roughly the same number of residents.

The updating includes new precinct boundaries. Some were split because the number of active voters was greater than 12-hundred.