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All In host Mariam Sobh.
"All IN" is a daily, statewide talk show about interesting things happening in Indiana. We want to connect people – to the latest news and to each other – through deep, thoughtful, lively conversation.

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  • Today we find out what impact higher education can have for formerly incarcerated Hoosiers, why so many obstacles remain in their way, and ongoing efforts to make things better.
  • Today we revisit a few of the most interesting topics we covered this week, including a program that brings campus-based students together with incarcerated students, transforming historic African American schools into museums, and what it means to find your passion.
  • Today we talk about what it means to find your passion, and why a focus on finding it versus developing it could affect how motivated you are to try new things.
  • Today we learn about historic African American schools around Indiana, what the history behind them can teach us, and efforts to transform these buildings into museums and community centers.
  • Today we talk about significant figures in Indiana women’s history. We learn about women’s suffrage, a baseball team founded in South Bend during World War II, and the first African American and first woman appointed public defender of Indiana.
  • It's been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indiana. Today we spend the hour reflecting on what we've learned and what we haven't, with two of the health experts who helped talk us through it.
  • Today we revisit a few of the most interesting topics we covered this week, including how Indiana fits into the larger story of American architecture, a memoir from the first African American to earn a doctorate in tuba performance, and how to have conversations about race, racism and politics in the classroom.
  • Today we learn about the crowdfunding model, and a platform in Indiana working to help groups accomplish their goals. We also dive into the world of sleep. Are we getting enough?
  • Today we talk about some of the great old buildings you can find in cities and towns across Indiana, how we fit into the larger story of American architecture, and new development inspired by the past.