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Join West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel as he reviews books from all walks of literature.


The unthinkable has happened – the ancient volcano at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming has erupted, kick starting a modern day horror story as massive rains of ash and pitch black darkness envelope much of the US.  This is the story of one teenage survivor, Alex, who journeys across ash-stricken Iowa to re-unite with his family in Illinois.  Along the way Alex comes across big-hearted Midwesterners and runs as best he can from farmers who point shotguns from darkened windows.  Then, just when despair is closing in on him , Alex is rescued by a tough willed young woman, Darla, who like Mike, is lost and all but alone in this twilight world of hazy yellow gray skies and foot deep ash-fall. Part coming of age story and big part adventure, Ashfall by Indiana author Mike Mullin is a real page-turner for teens and adults.

Nick Schenkel is the director of the West Lafayette Public Library, and reviews books from all walks of literature.
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