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Summit at Purdue to highlight university’s commitment to manufacturing

Industry experts are being joined by state and federal officials for the 10th annual Advanced Manufacturing Summit May 30th.

Assistant Vice President for Industry Research and Outreach John Schneider says the university is often perceived as a leader in the sector.

“We often think we're struggling in our manufacturing capabilities, but you go outside and everybody talks about what a great school Purdue University is for manufacturing. And we have the strengths in our mechanical engineering, we have the strengths within our college of technology, we have the strengths within our industrial engineering and all the other disciplines."

He says one goal is to highlight how the university supports manufacturing.

"There is a session on what we call industry-university partnership success stories. And there we'll bring a company that's worked with Purdue and show how Purdue helped them. And so we'll have faculty there and the company there."

The summit includes a keynote speech from U-S chief manufacturing officer Michael Molnar, as well as a town hall discussion where questions are fielded via social media.

Students interested in attending can get their attendance fee covered by a state research organization.

For more information and registration click HERE.