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Daniels earns nearly half his incentive pay for 6 months at Purdue

Saying Purdue President Mitch Daniels has exceeded their expectations; the board of trustees have approved paying him nearly half of his incentive pay.

Daniels earns a base salary of $420,000 and is eligible for another $126,000 for performance.

Newly elected Board Chairman Tom Spurgeon says the additional $58,153 he earned is for his first six months as president. He says the justification was for the relationships Daniels made with faculty and opportunities for change he identified.

"And that, combined with all of his activities - it seemed like he was on rollerskates, going all the time, meeting people, attending events, and so on. It was just a good performance."

Spurgeon says this review was more qualitative than quantitative. He says specific measurements will be finalized later this summer for next year's annual review.