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Krannert's new, full-time MBA program for STEM professionals

Less than a month after announcing a weekend MBA program for STEM Professionals, Purdue’s Krannert School of Management is announcing another.

Dean Chris Earley says it’s the same offering but in a different format. The MBA for STEM professionals on campus begins next year, while the weekend program kicks off in Chicago a year later.

“We had for many, many years a program called the MSIA – the Masters of Science in Industrial Administration. That was our original MBA degree decades ago,” he says. “Essentially, the MSIA 2.0 is what we’re now calling our MBA for STEM Professionals full-time program.”

Earley says the MBA for STEM professionals is designed to help individuals with technical backgrounds move into business leadership roles in tech-centered organizations.

“It’s an in-residence, full-time MBA, but in a one-year, intense format,” he says. “In 2015, it’s our intention to go to Chicago with the weekend program, so we see these as complimentary.”

He says the authorization process for the Chicago program is still underway, since two states are involved.

Applications for next year’s full-time class are being accepted now.

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