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Kitchen Table Science


Kitchen Table Science

Looking to keep your high school and middle school students involved in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF SCIENCE during the holidays, OR while at home e- learning? The Indiana Academy of Science has brought help. How about engaging them in some Kitchen Table Science? Members of the Indiana Academy of Science are proud to present short videos to engage students around the state and beyond--- Kitchen Table Science!. These short videos have either been produced by or identified by Academy scientists, science educators, science graduate and undergraduate students of the Indiana Academy of Science. The videos are designed to enhance critical thinking skills through the use of scientific method in addressing a problem that has surfaced in a particular science discipline, graphically present the daily use of science, simply share knowledge about a topic of science that is of major interest today, or give guidance for students who have questions about how to become a scientist. Copy and Paste the following link and enjoy! https://www.indianaacademyofscience.org/young-scientists/resources-for-teachers-students/kitchen-table-science The Indiana Academy of Science is a non-profit (501c3) professional membership organization of Indiana scientists from industry and academia, science teachers and other science educators, and science graduate and undergraduate students. In existence since 1885, the Academy’s mission focuses on science research, science education, and scientist collaboration.

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