Day Sponsorship

WBAA's Day Sponsorship Program

Support WBAA and hear your own personal message on the air! Celebrate a birthday, surprise a friend, honor an anniversary or remember a loved one. 

A single contribution to WBAA of $240-$364 enables you to sponsor one day. A single gift of $365 or more allows you to sponsor two days. When we receive your contribution, we will send you a sign-up form to reserve your date and compose your message. You may use your Day Sponsor benefit up to one year after the date of your contribution. 

Your message will be read on the air 5 times during the day of your choice, on each station (AM 920 and 101.3 FM), between 6 AM and 9 PM. Each Day Sponsor message is 10 seconds in length, including our standard introduction of, "Today's programming on WBAA is supported in part by..." 

No more than two Day Sponsors will be scheduled per day. Be sure to reserve your date early; WBAA's Day Sponsor program is popular and our dates fill quickly!

Day Sponsorship Guidelines 

To help you craft the best possible message that will be appropriate to air and represent WBAA's quality on-air sound and broadcasting services, please consider the following: 

1.  A Day Sponsorship on-air message should celebrate friends or family, or commemorate a personal event, anniversary, graduation, or birthday. We will not accept any political, religious or advocacy messages (which promote a cause or editorial viewpoint)*.

2.  A sample Day Sponsorship message should include:

“Today's programming on WBAA is supported in part by:
     .....Purdue Pete, wishing Rowdy a happy birthday."
     .....Mr. and Mrs. Purdue Boilermaker, celebrating their wedding anniversary."

If you have questions about a WBAA Day Sponsorship, contact our office at (765) 494-5920. Thank you for supporting WBAA with your membership contribution.

***Please note that WBAA reserves the right to evaluate and  all messages under our general on-air guidelines.  Day sponsorships are limited to 4 per calendar year.