Donate Your Vehicle

Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle?  

Donate it to WBAA instead!

There are two ways that you can help WBAA by selling your vehicle:

1.  Sell your vehicle yourself and donate the proceeds directly to WBAA: By selling your vehicle yourself, you have the opportunity to sell at retail value.  This means a higher sale price and no fees, so WBAA gets 100% of the benefit!  However, selling your car yourself will be more work.  You can learn more about how to sell your car yourself on the DMV’s website.

2.  Donate your vehicle through WBAA’s vehicle donations provider, Insurance Auto Auctions: By donating through IAA, all you need is a clear title, and IAA will take care of the rest, including towing, at no cost to youHowever, all vehicles through IAA will be sold at wholesale auction.  This is standard practice for all vehicle donations programs.  WBAA receives the majority of funds, but there is a small fee associated with the towing and processing and the value of the vehicle sold at wholesale will typically be less than if sold at retail.  Once your vehicle has been sold, you'll be sent a receipt for your tax records, and the sale proceeds will be donated to WBAA in your name.  You can learn more about IAA on the IAA website.

As you consider which option is best for you, you can do so knowing that whatever you decide, you will be supporting all the programs you love on WBAA and that you may receive a tax deduction* when you itemize your return.

To learn more about selling your vehicle through IAA, call 1-844-673-9222 or fill out the form below and someone from IAA will contact you shortly.  If you have questions about WBAA’s vehicle donations program, you can also call WBAA, Sue Hill, at (765) 494-5920.

*Please consult your tax advisor