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South Montgomery School Corp introducing new technology

Some students in the South Montgomery School Corporation will be using sub-notebook computers next year.

Fifth and ninth graders will have them for four years for use in school and at home. This pilot will be the first year of a “one-to-one” (one computer to one student) program.

Ladoga Elementary School Principal Brett Higgins says the school district is ready for a change.

"We need to transform teaching and learning in South Montgomery schools. We decided technology can play a larger role in students' education and believe that that's a worthwhile and significant investment that we need to make."

Once the fifth graders reach ninth grade, they will received updated computers. Graduating seniors will have the opportunity to keep their laptops after they finish school.

Higgins says students are ready to use the new computers as soon as they receive them. He believes it's the education system that's been lagging.

"I think that schools are behind the times. South Montgomery Schools have figured out it's time to move forward, step out in the forefront, and do what is going to be best for our kids."

Instead of paying textbook rental, a student’s traditional fees will go towards purchasing the technology. Ultimately the district plans to provide all students in fifth through twelfth grades with a Programmable Logic Device (PLD) over the next few years. Future plans could call for an expansion of classroom sets of laptops or tablets into the primary grades for targeted classroom use.