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Protest over Mitch Daniels appointment as Purdue president

A group of Purdue community members is speaking out against the appointment of Mitch Daniels as university president.

Students, faculty, and staff members gathered on the Memorial Mall Saturday to protest the board of trustees’ appointment of Daniels last month.

Demonstrator and organizer Julia Thompson is pursuing a Ph.D. in Engineering Education. She has multiple problems with the decision to hire Daniels.

"This appointment was so unethical. That it was completely quid pro quo, they bended rules about his retirement age, there's no checks and balances, he's appointed eight of the ten trustees."

Thompson says she and other protesters are ultimately seeking Daniels’ resignation. The trustees say their legal counsel found there was no ethical issue with them electing Daniels as president.

A group of about 50 of them held a demonstration on campus over the weekend. Thompson says she is encouraged by the turnout for the event.

"I've talked to staff people, personally, one-on-one who have said, 'I'm too afraid to come out and speak.' So I'm actually extremely happy that we've had so many people coming out and representing themselves."

Those disappointed with the choice of Mitch Daniels to be Purdue’s next president say they’ll continue to protest the decision.