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CHE proposes funding increase for state schools

The state Budget Committee is getting a recommendation to invest more money in Purdue and other Indiana colleges and universities.

The Commission for Higher Education wants the General Assembly to allocate an additional $255-million in the next budget for those schools.

Purdue acting President Tim Sands says that is important to keep tuition cost from rising and make up for previous cuts.

‘We are doing a lot of cost cutting and a lot of cost avoidance, we continue to do that.  We had to do a lot during the recession, but we have not stopped looking for those opportunities," he said.  "We want to keep tuition under control and we hope the state will continue to invest in the institution.  If we work together on that, we can do it.”

The Commission’s proposal represents a seven-and-a-half-percent increase from the previous two year budget.

Purdue students saw tuition rates rise three-and-a-half-percent this school year.