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Purdue "postdocs" organize

Postdoctoral researchers on Purdue’s campus have a variety of work opportunities outside of the academic world. That’s the message of an upcoming seminar presented by the Purdue Postdoctoral Association (PPDA).

The talk features Jeremy Shinoda, who works for BASI in the Purdue Research Park.

PPDA President Elizabeth Buescher says he started as a pharmaceutical researcher, but then transitioned to a marketing role.

"There are lots of other positions available in other sectors that aren't necessarily talked about. And so we wanted to give an opportunity for someone to speak that has a nontraditional, nonacademic role."

Professional development and social interaction are among the main focal points for the PPDA. Buescher says postdocs are the main target group, but graduate students could benefit from the association’s projects as well.

"We're always looking for new members. We're not a closed organization, so graduate students are more than welcome to attend any of our events particularly if you're interested in hearing from postdocs, if you're looking to go into direction as well."

Buescher says interested grad students can sign up for an email list on the organization’s website. Along with the monthly seminars, an annual celebration dinner is scheduled in May.