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ISTEP Scores Decline For Second Year In A Row

NYC Department of Education

The 2016 ISTEP+ scores show the number of students passing the test decreased for the second year in a row.

Fifty-two percent of students passed both the English Language Arts and Math sections of the test. This is compared to 53 percent in 2015.

Fewer students passed just the English Language Arts test- 66 percent this year compared to 67 percent in 2015.

Fifty-nine percent of students passed the math section in 2016, a drop from 61 percent in 2015.

The Department of Education says the drop in scores is because 2015 was the first year the state administered a new version of the ISTEP that matched new standards.

The adjustment to the new test is the reason the Department of Education says scores are continuing to drop, since this is only the second year of its administration.

Though this version of the ISTEP is fairly new, this is the last year it will be given.

After years of criticism against the test from teachers, parents and lawmakers, the General Assembly voted last session to scrap it and create a new test.

Another change will mean another adjustment, and scores may remain low.

Search for your school corporation's results at and click on ISTEP+ 2016.

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