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IU Developing Free K-12 Virtual Courses, Resources For Teachers Across Indiana

Lauren Chapman
IPB News

Indiana University is developing free virtual K-12 courses for teachers and students to use across the state as part of a grant-funded effort by education experts to build up the quality and understanding of virtual education.

IU High School is an online school and shared its curriculum and courses with schools when students everywhere were forced to learn remotely. Now, the school is using grant funding from the state to develop more than 60 virtual, free K-12 courses for any Hoosier teacher to use.

Principal Rebecca Itow said they could be used in case of another widespread shutdown, or to supplement learning already being done in-person.

"I want them to be useful and usable for teachers, and valuable and valued by students and families," she said.

Roughly 180 Hoosier educators from across the state designed the courses with help from education experts from several IU departments and campuses. The grant funding also supports professional development to enhance teachers' expertise with and understanding of virtual instruction.

Educators can customize the courses based on students' needs, and Itow said they'll be available for use likely around the end of this month. She said the courses will be updated as educators provide their feedback, and new courses are expected to be developed later this year.

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