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With Two Hours To Go, Tippecanoe County Turnout Exceeds Primary Showing

Following lackluster turnout in Indiana's primary elections in May, many politicos worried this mid-term general election would similarly rate a "meh" with voters. While voter apathy still appears high, Tippecanoe County will beat its totals from May, at least.

As of 4 p.m., County Clerk Christa Coffey says more than 14,000 in-person ballots have been cast -- that's about the same number filed during the entire primary season.

The 4 p.m. number does not include mail-in absentee ballots or early voting totals. The final tally for early votes reached nearly 10,000 people, meaning it's possible the county will double its turnout from May -- even in a year with few competitive or sexy races on the ballot.

Even if that happens, that would mean only about three-in-ten of the county's more than 100,000 eligible voters participated in the election.

The year is so non-competitive at the state level that a staffer for Rep. Todd Rokita (R-4th) sent a press release to media members and supporters seven hours before polls closed Tuesday inviting recipients to the congressman's "victory party" later in the evening.