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Retirement Bittersweet For Outgoing Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray

City of Greencastle

Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray says she feels bittersweet as she wraps up her second and final term as mayor. After three decades of city involvement, Murray says it's time to move on.

"It's been a privilege, it's been mostly a pleasure, it's been challenging," Murray says of her time behind the mayor's desk. "I've grown a lot, I've learned a lot. I think the city is in a good place right now. And I can leave knowing that there was no more for me to be able to have taken out of myself and put into the job."

She says she has no plans other than to rest in Florida and spend time with her mother, daughter and grandchildren.

Murray worked extensively with the city's Stellar Communities grant funneling $19 million into downtown infrastructure. She also oversaw a major upgrade of the city water distribution system and, more recently, an evaluation of whether the area could sustain its own YMCA center.

Greencastle voters elected democrat Bill Dory as their next mayor, who began January 1st.

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