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Local Lawmakers Discuss Teacher Pay, School Funding At Legislative Breakfast

Taylor Haggerty

A Saturday breakfast with lawmakers who represent Tippecanoe County in the Indiana General Assembly generated so many questions from attendees about education that moderators had to offer more time for the legislators to respond.

West Lafayette Rep. Chris Campbell says lawmakers are considering boosting school funding by two percent, but she says that might not be enough.

“At face value, it doesn’t look like the funding is going to be adequate enough to cover things like those pay raises that those teachers much need,” Campbell says.

But Campbell also says it’s hard to tell at this point how funding might change for each individual school, as the session is only about half-over.

Jefferson High School Senior Christie Cole attended the forum, along with several of her classmates. She says she agrees teacher pay and school safety should be a priority.

“I definitely think there’s a lot of things that could be improved in the school system right now," Cole says.

Campbell says lawmakers will have a better idea of funding changes after the legislative budget proposal is released Tuesday.