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Vice President Mike Pence Votes Early In Indianapolis

Darian Benson

Vice President Mike Pence and wife Karen Pence cast absentee ballots in Indianapolis Friday.

Pence is the former governor of Indiana and used the governor’s mansion address to vote. Indiana law allows him to use the address, even though he no longer lives there, because he has been away serving “on the business of the United States.”

The vice president did not answer questions from the media, however he did say it was an honor to vote in his home state after depositing his ballot.

“Great honor,” Pence said. “Great to be back home.”

Hundreds of voters were in line to cast ballots Friday morning at the Marion County Clerk’s Office. Voters were allowed into the building in groups of five prior to Pence’s arrival and then let in again after he left. Members of the organization Nasty Women of Indiana were upset the line was stalled while Pence voted. Member Lori Perdue said it was voter suppression.

“So, he delayed democracy here today,” she said.

The clerk's office is currently the only early voting center open in Marion County.  Five more early voting locations will open across the county on Saturday.

Pence also hosted a campaign rally in Fort Wayne Thursday.