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Food Finders distributes record amount to those in need

The head of Food Finders Food Bank says the need for assistance in the Lafayette area has never been greater.

Executive Director Katy Bunder says agencies the food bank serves are at the warehouse doors from the minute they open in the morning until closing time. She says they are thinking of establishing a night shift to keep up with pulling orders and restocking shelves.

"It looks like the mall at Christmas time, only people are getting food for those who don't have enough to eat. I think especially at this time when people are paying heating costs and trying to buy gifts, they really don't have the money to put enough food on the table."

Bunder says the Food Finders warehouse was built to move 2.5 million pounds of food per year, but this year will distribute roughly 6 million pounds.

She says there is always the need for more volunteers and donations.  They accept food, personal care items, and money.

"We can make cash go further than an individual can, so cash donations are really helpful to us. We can go out and try to buy a truckload of cereal and get a unit price that's a little bit lower."

Bunder says donations of peanut butter are helpful, because it is the one item Food Finders can’t afford to buy right now.

The warehouse is located on Olympia Court, off of Concord Road in Lafayette.  Contributions can be mailed to the organization or dropped off at the warehouse.

More information about Food Finders Food Bank is HERE.