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Developer submits new plans for site on Northwestern Avenue

The developer of a mixed-use project on Northwestern Avenue has submitted new plans for that location.

Marc Muinzer previously proposed developments known as Boiler Cribs and the Landmark.

The biggest sticking point in both plans was parking.

Assistant director for the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission Ryan O’Gara says the new development, which doesn’t have a name yet, has 502 spaces instead of 295.

He says the structure remains six stories, but the number of bedrooms has been reduced from 600 to 558.

It also increases the amount of retail space at street level by about four-thousand square feet.

O’Gara expects the plans to be considered by APC staff next month.

He says because the site is so desirable, officials can afford to take their time and be picky about what is built there.