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Community of Choice committee developing

A committee is coming together to move Greater Lafayette forward.

The Community of Choice group is assembling 25 people to implement the goals outlined by Next Generation Consulting.

The organization recently unveiled eight objectives to make the area a better place to live and retain more young professionals.

Charlie Shook is part of the group organizing the committee.

He says the goal is to have a diverse set of members who represent various aspects of the community.

“We've gone to the Hispanic community.  We've gone to Pride Lafayette to serve up a recommendation.  We've gone into the Purdue professional staff, Purdue retirees, we've ask Leadership Lafayette to make recommendations," said Shook.  "We've gone into the technology world through Lafayette Tech, municipal government through the commissioners and mayor's offices, and the county parks department for a recreational perspective.”

Shook hopes to have the committee finalized by mid-November and is encouraged by the response, so far.

"We've put out a bunch of phone calls and emails asking people.  I have not run into anybody whose said no, so far," he said.  "I think we are going to have more than enough opportunities to involve virtually anyone whose properly motivated to help us out."

Some of the goals include making the community greener, enhancing bicycle access, and hosting diversity roundtables.