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Lafayette's Shelter Plus Care initiative expanding

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is giving Lafayette an additional $284,000. The money will fund another eight individuals through the Shelter Plus Care program for those who are homeless and have a mental illness, substance abuse problem, or HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

Adam Murphy is the Weed and Seed Site Coordinator. He says the eight people entering the program are all veterans.

"It's more than just rental assistance. It actually includes services," he says. "We have a services team - folks from Lafayette Urban Ministry, Mental Health America, Lafayette Transitional Housing, Riggs (Community Health Center), St. Elizabeth's psych unit - meeting monthly to figure out what it is that the folks need next."

The new money will cover the eight individuals for the next four years. They will be housed in the same apartment complex as part of a cohort effort.

"We're very intentional about helping the folks who are already getting services as best we can," Murphy says. "For the most part, they come through the social service agencies."

Shelter Plus Care began in Lafayette in June, 2008, with initial funding of $724,000, which helped 20 homeless people.

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