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Quality of Life Council holds first public meeting

A private committee of Greater Lafayette community leaders is putting together a plan to make the area a “place of choice.”

The group is called the Quality of Life Council, and was formed in 2012 through Greater Lafayette Commerce. After private monthly meetings dating back to October, the council held its first public gathering Monday.

Council Chair Doug Gutridge says a goal is to maintain transparency and community involvement while forming the plan.

"This is a plan that is built on public engagement and openness and transparency. It's a community plan, it's not a committee plan or a council plan. The council is just charged with keeping the plan alive, keeping it relevant, and keeping it moving forward for the betterment of the community."

The council’s subcommittees are working on improving aspects of the community ranging from bike-friendliness to improved railway access to Indianapolis and Chicago.

"Once we became operational, we really hit the ground running, and there's a lot of things happening, so I'm very impressed with our council members," says Gutridge. "Talk about being engaged -- they are really engaged. And they are passionate about the goals that they're working on."

He hopes council is able to have another public gathering before the end of this year.

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