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Indiana Barely Above Failing In Support Of New Parents

National Partnership for Women and Families

Indiana gets a grade of D-minus in a new report analyzing how each state supports – or doesn’t support – new parents in terms of leave time and job protection.

The study, timed for the White House Summit on Working Families today (Monday), is from the National Partnership for Women and Families.

Vicki Shabo co-authored the report.

She says some discouraging grades were handed out nationwide.

"The state with the highest grade is California, which received an A-minus," says Shabo. "But a striking 17 states receive an F. They do nothing at all beyond what federal law provides to help expecting parents. Thirty-one states in total get a grade of D or F."

Shabo says grades were based on laws such as paid family leave, paid medical leave for pregnant women, and laws to help new mothers continue to express breast milk after they go back to work.