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This I Believe: One Smile At A Time

Rachel Lattimore

“Just a simple smile can change someone’s day.” I have heard this quote my whole life. My mom would always tell me this when I was young. This saying has stuck in my mind for a long time. When I grew older I never thought that a simple smile could change someone’s day. I had that mindset for a long time, but I was never told why or how it worked. My mom told me one day that sometimes a smile can save someone and help lift them up when life is not going well.

So, how can such a small gesture have such a huge impact on someone? Simply the feeling when someone smiles, a little bit of happiness surfaces. A smile is powerful. I think everyone should smile for themselves and others. Someone may see this and smile, too. You do not have to know the person to send them a smile. Do you sometimes see those people who seem to be dragging along a little storm cloud? Smiles are contagious; therefore, flashing someone a smile can change their whole day for the better. You do not realize how much a smile can change until you share one.

I realized that smiles can not only make your day by receiving them, but also by giving them. When I am feeling dispirited, my friends would not feel sorry for me. They would act how they always do — just smiling and making bad jokes. This always lifts my spirit and helps me through the day. So, yes, I believe in smiling, but I also believe everyone should spread them, too.