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Lafayette's Columbian Park getting new equipment

More children will be able to have fun at Lafayette's Columbian Park next spring.

Officials broke ground on an addition to the SIA Playground, which will include equipment designed for children with disabilities.

Parks Superintendent Ted Bumbleburg says they're still researching what type of things they can add, because there are plenty of options. He says new surface material might be included to help with accessibility.

Christina Poynter's son, Jon, uses a wheelchair and arm canes to get around. She says, as it is now, she needs to be with him at all times at the playground. Poynter thinks the new equipment will give him more independence and allow him to better socialize with other children.

Funding to purchase the new equipment comes from this year's SIA Community Walk/Run event, which raised more than $70,000. The Lafayette Parks Department will cover the installation cost for the new equipment. Other Lafayette parks might receive new playground equipment with the money as well.