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Donnelly calls for payroll tax cut extension


Indiana Congressman and Senate candidate Joe Donnelly is calling on Congress to pass the payroll tax cut before the end-of-year deadline.

Speaking at a diner in Indianapolis Monday, Donnelly said Congress should stay through the holidays if a deal is not reached soon.  He says the payroll tax cut is critical for families as the economy tries to improve.

“What a payroll tax cut can do is it puts us in a position where it can put almost over a thousand dollars in every family’s pocket.”

House Republicans have suggested a plan that would link the tax cut to approval for the Keystone Pipeline, an oil line from Canada to Texas.  Donnelly says he supports the pipeline but thinks it might need to take a backseat.

“If that being in this bill makes it impossible to get this bill done, there are other points at where we can get the Keystone Pipeline squared away, but January first is the date for this payroll tax cut.”

Congressional leaders from both parties express optimism the tax cut will be passed before the end of the year.

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