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IN Congressional delegation split 2-1 in favor of payroll tax cut extention

Lafayette area Congressman Todd Rokita cast a “no” vote for the extension of the payroll tax cut. The 4th District Republican was joined by two other House members and Senator Dan Coats.

Rokita opposed the bill because he says it will hurt the country in the long run.

“Today’s vote, on the third anniversary of President Obama’s failed stimulus law, is another vote for more borrowing, more debt and more failed, empty economic stimulus. We have spent the past three years spending money we do not have on stimulus programs that have not worked.  I opposed this bill because it is time to stop borrowing money, especially to fund another short term stimulus plan.”

Six House members, including Democrat Joe Donnelly, and Senator Dick Lugar voted for the measure, which includes extending unemployment insurance through December.

The measure also blocked planned cuts to physician reimbursements under Medicare.

Those voting in favor of the bill are Congressmen  Larry Buschon, Mike Pence, Joe Donnelly, Andre Carson, Marlin Stutzman, and Todd Young, along with Senator Dick Lugar. Those against the measure are Congressmen Dan Burton, Todd Rokita, Pete Visclosky and Senator Dan Coats.