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Parking Tickets Closer to Increasing in WL

Parking tickets are a step closer to going up in price in West Lafayette.

The city council unanimously voted to increase the fines from 15 to 35-dollars.

President Ann Hunt says the increase would bring the city in line with Purdue’s fees and is a way to reduce university motorist parking in neighborhoods.

The city council must vote again on the issue next month.

If the price changes are approved, they will fall in line with Purdue’s fines.

The university increased its ticket prices last fall and city officials say this bring uniformity to the entire city.

They say, currently, some Purdue students and staff will park in neighborhoods because if they do get a ticket, it will cost less.

They believe the price change will deter this.

Mayor John Dennis says the change is a start in examining the overall parking outlook in the city

Available spaces have been a point of contention for several proposed projects in the city, particularly by Purdue.

Dennis believes the city will start looking more closely on how to resolve some of these issues in the near future.