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Tippecanoe elected officials sworn in

The only new member of the Tippecanoe County Council says his previous experience is preparing him for his new role.

Bryan Metzger, who won one of three open at-large seats in November’s election, is replacing Kathy Vernon.

He says his time working in the county extension office gives him a solid foundation for working on the council.

"I've observed the County Council and worked with them over the years as County Extension Director, so I've been on the other side of the table," he said.  "Now it's time to give back and work ahead."

Metzger was sworn-in to office Wednesday along with fellow councilors Kevin Underwood and John Basham.

So too were Surveyor Zach Beasley and commissioners Tom Murtaugh and Dave Byers.

Byers says the commission and other departments have made sound decisions that positions Tippecanoe well for the future, but, there are still challenges ahead.

"Road funding continues to keep getting smaller.  Funds that we used to have keep getting smaller and those are the biggest challenges that I think we have ahead of us," he said.  "Some other issues we are going to look at is the courthouse is getting very full of employees, so we may have to be looking at space for where to move other offices."

County Treasurer Bob Plantenga and Coroner Donna Avolt were among the other elected officials who took the oath of office, Wednesday.

Avolt replaces her husband in the position.  Martin Avolt, who passed away in August, served as coroner for 20-years.