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New IN law impacting Tippecanoe County’s election machines

Election officials in Tippecanoe County are looking for a new voting machine equipment and software provider.

County Clerk Christa Coffey says Indiana now requires certification if you use an electronic poll book.

“Our current vendor, Votec, has determined they are not going to go through that certification process.”

Coffey, who oversees elections and certifies their results as a member of the Election Board, says there are several companies that are going through the state certification process. Three of those have the programming Tippecanoe County needs. However, she says only one is compatible with the county’s current voting equipment.

“If it’s new equipment (that’s needed), we’re looking at… I don’t know what. Quite a bit,” Coffey says. “We’ll be at an election conference in two weeks and we’ll be talking with all of them.”

The new vendor must be selected months before the Primary Election in May, 2014.