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Newly-elected trustees aim to chart a new course in Fairfield, Wabash townships

The two trustees were cited as part of the impetus for a new state law that created a process for removing township trustees accused of misconduct.

Wabash and Fairfield Townships elected new leadership Tuesday night after years of conflict with their respective township trustees.

In Wabash Township, residents elected Democrat Angel Valentin. Valentin currently serves as the township’s interim trustee, but previously served on the board under the tenure of former Trustee Jennifer Teising.

Conflict in Wabash Township between Teising and her board – and questions about the status of her residency – led to her indictment for multiple charges of theft. Teising was ultimately found guilty of taking her trustee salary while not a resident of the township - a decision she is currently appealing.

Valentin said the damage done by Teising won't go away with an election victory.

“The only way we’ll be able to restore trust and accountability in the office is by doing the job right day in and day out,” he said.

In Fairfield Township, residents elected Democrat Monica Casanova. Casanova has previously outlined her hope to restore trust in township government.

Former Fairfield Township Trustee Taletha Coles is also facing charges linked to her time in office. Coles resigned before she could be removed from her position, and has since been indicted on over 40 charges, including theft, fraud, and forgery.