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Daniel Messel Will Appeal 80-Year Murder Verdict

Phil Jern

The man convicted of murdering Indiana University student Hannah Wilson in 2015 has filed a notice asking the Indiana Court of Appeals to review his trial.

The appeal was filed on the same day Daniel Messel was formally charged with attempted rape in a 2012 case.

A judge sentenced him to 80 years in prison for Wilson's murder, but Messel is appealing both the conviction and the sentence.

Messel’s court-appointed public defender, Kurt Young, says he doesn’t know the grounds for the appeal yet because he’s waiting to get the complete trial records from the Brown County court.

The entire process is done in writing, which means Messel will never actually appear in a courtroom.

Young says he and the Indiana Attorney General’s office will communicate their arguments in writing until the panel of judges reaches a decision.

“Of course it’s going to depend on what issues are argued, but their options are pretty wide. They can overturn the conviction," Young says.

The judges could also grant him a new trial, or adjust his sentence - it all depends on what Messel's lawyers argue in the appeal.

Messel also faces new charges for an unrelated attempted rape in Bloomington in 2012. Since that took place in Monroe County, he’ll be appointed a different public defender for that case.

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