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Here's proof numbers can be deceiving:

-- It took until several minutes into the second half Saturday for Purdue's Carsen Edwards to hit a two-point basket.

-- Freshman swingman Aaron Wheeler had as many turnovers (3) as he had points.

-- Purdue had made less than a third of its three-point attempts in a shaky first round win over Old Dominion.

Sound like it might have been another long night against the defending NCAA champion Villanova Wildcats? Nothing could have been further from the truth in an 87-61 win.

Book Review: Pops

Mar 22, 2019

Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces is a collection of short stories and essays by the writer Micheal Chabon. Famous for his complex language, Chabon's latest collection focuses on the rewards and challenges of fatherhood. Through various stories about Chabon's four children and other aspects of his life, the reader learns how the job of parenting is one of a kind. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

Purdue Galleries

Purdue Galleries invited three artists to find inspiration in Purdue’s Barron Hilton Flight and Space Exploration Archives.  Their challenge was to bring art, engineering, and science together to imagine new horizons informed by archival documents and artifacts contained in the Neil A. Armstrong Papers and the papers of other astronauts and engineers. This exhibition is a collaboration with Purdue University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections. WBAA's John Clare spoke with Erika Kwam, Visitor Services & Program Coordinator about the exhibit that opens Monday, March 25th in the Ringel Gallery.

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When a team's best defender rolls his ankle during warmups, the best a coach can hope for is the type of opposition shooting night Purdue lucked into in its first round NCAA Tournament win over Old Dominion Thursday, 61-48.

Nojel Eastern didn't start, but Purdue didn't seem to need him, as the Monarchs shot just 27 percent from the field and saw only three different players score in the game's first 28 minutes.

courtesy City of Frankfort

Earlier this month, WBAA conducted a survey and presented the results at a community forum in Frankfort. There were some interesting findings, and a few universal truths seemed to emerge.

First, most everyone wants Frankfort to grow, at least a little. But there’s also near-universal agreement that people aren’t using the amenities Frankfort already has enough. And if that’s the case, why would investors spend their money in that type of environment?

Montgomery County Website

Montgomery County lawmakers are preparing to approve the county’s first comprehensive plan for economic development. The final draft of the plan was published to the county website last week.

Kim Hoover / Hoots to Howls Wildlife Rehabilitation Facebook page

Two-and-a-half months after 57 pigeons were found abandoned in a rest area dumpster near the Wolcott exit on Interstate 65, 88 more pigeons were found crammed into sealed boxes at the same location.

Wildlife rehabilitator Kim Hoover, who led efforts to ensure the earlier group of sick and starving birds found places to recover, says she never thought she would see this again.

“But you know what, this is a story—it’s one for the record books, I’m telling you,” Hoover says.

Casey Abbett / WBAA

The Purdue men's basketball team entered Big Ten Tournament play as the number two overall seed, after winning a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

That mattered little to their opponent Minnesota as the Gophers defeated the Boilers for the second consecutive time, 75-73, following a loss near the end of the regular season that cost Purdue an outright title (rather than a share of it with Michigan State).

A decision by the Indiana Supreme Court regarding rental fees could cost the city of West Lafayette a large sum of money.

The court’s decision eliminates a carve-out that had allowed the cities of Bloomington and West Lafayette -- with their large, transient college populations -- to charge more than $5 per unit for inspections or to register the unit with the city.

Last year, the West Lafayette City Council redrew an existing rental inspection ordinance to streamline some of the fees charged to landlords for city-run inspections of their buildings.

Book Review: Underground

Mar 15, 2019

Author Will Hunt has been an urban explorer since his early childhood. In his book Underground: The Worlds Beneath our Feet, Hunt gives readers an exclusive look at all things below us. The catacombs of Paris, ochre mines of Australia, underground cities of Turkey, and subway tunnels of New York City are a few of the places the reader will explore in this book. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.