Hoosier Loft

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department officials say a fire that destroyed a large bird loft and killed the 2,000 racing pigeons inside could have been electrical in nature, though the cause is still officially undetermined.  

Detective Mike Raymer, who walked the site this week with a colleague from the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, says a circuit breaker box in the structure showed signs of damage. The box powered industrial fans and a heated floor designed to help keep the birds warm.  

Nick Palmer leads the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra in its "Beethoven's Greatest Hits" concert Saturday, October 19 at 7:30 at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Lafayette. Greg Kostraba spoke with LSO Music Director Nick Palmer about the concert, which will feature the PMO University Choir, Jeff Vallier, director, in the Ode to Joy and the Gloria from the Mass in C as well as WBAA's Greg Kostraba & Emilie Syberg narrating P.D.Q. Bach's uproarious "Symphony No. 5 Sportscast."

Book Review: A Beginner's Guide to Japan

16 hours ago

You walk into a room and flip the light switch down to turn the lights on. Each member of your family has a different street address despite you all living in the same home. What kind of crazy place is this? A Beginner's Guide to Japan shows these are just a few of the peculiarities of this fascinating country. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

Lee Shaw / WBAA News

Some of the candidates for Lafayette City Council squared off in their final debate before next month’s election Thursday night.


A recently-passed public safety tax figured prominently in the back-and-forth between candidates for Lafayette’s Second District, which forms a large portion of Lafayette’s western boundary.

courtesy City of Frankfort

At the beginning of this year, WBAA held a public forum in Frankfort asking residents what amenities they wanted to see in town, and also asking this question: is there a single signature feature around which an identity could be built?

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we ask Chris McBarnes whether he might be able to turn recent difficulties with recycling into an opportunity as the waste disposal industry tries to re-evaluate its future. In a manufacturing-heavy city such as Frankfort, it might make sense.

Courtesy: Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill will appeal a recent ruling ordering the release of the man who was convicted of killing Bloomington resident Jill Behrman.

In 2006, a Morgan County grand jury found John Myers guilty in the May 2000 disappearance and murder of Behrman, who was an Indiana University student at the time.

Hoosier Loft

Two thousand racing pigeons burned to death in a bird loft in LaPorte County early Sunday. The fire, which destroyed the facility, housed birds from around the world.

On their website, Hoosier Loft owners Jim and Kelly Ward say they are “heartbroken” about the fire, which effectively ended this year’s final weekend of the Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race. They also combat claims from some breeders that the fire had been purposefully set.

“It is the 9/11 of pigeon racing in the world,” says Jim Gabler, an Illinois pigeon breeder.

It's common on a crisp afternoon in early fall for the gusts blowing across Ross-Ade Stadium to travel as fast as 30 mph.

But it had been a foul wind blowing against the Purdue football team in the weeks leading up to its breezy homecoming game against the Maryland Terrapins Saturday.

The Purdue team that took the field -- still with many freshmen seeing significant minutes -- looked more experienced than the group that was overmatched in last week's loss to Penn State. When the final horn blew on this day, Purdue emerged victorious 40-14.

Delphi Community School Corporation

The former superintendent of the Delphi Community Schools has begun to talk about his firing now that a deal is done with the school corporation.

Greg Briles was let go in September after the Delphi School Board raised concerns about how the need for an emergency loan had seemingly snuck up on the district.

He says he’d intended to retire from his most recent job and now he’s not sure what’s next for his career – or for those who might succeed him.

Book Review: The Ultimate Tool Book

Oct 11, 2019

Are you the type to install your own cabinets, build furniture, and considered the "handyman?" If so, this book may be a necessary addition to the bookshelf you made. The Ultimate Tool Book: Every Tool You Need to Own, written by the Popular Mechanics magazine, is an in-depth analysis of tools you may have never thought to use. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.