Alyssa Ross

Social and Digital Marketing Intern

My name is Alyssa Ross and I am a senior at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications. I am in my second year as an intern for WBAA working as a Social and Digital Media intern. Over the course of this past year, WBAA has allowed me to test the waters in many different fields such as event planning, event promotion, data tracking, social media content creation, archiving, and writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience because of the multiple opportunities WBAA has given me to step out of my comfort zone and learn through hands on work. From meeting you, the donors and listeners, to working with our incredible staff, I have been in an environment filled with people who are ecstatic to help shape a new generation of students working in media. As I prepare for my future career search, I am very grateful to have had a stable background with an organization like WBAA; who have provided me with the tools to build a portfolio and an arsenal of skills that I can apply to future jobs.

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