Betsy Bastnagel


I am Betsy Bastnagel and a senior at Purdue University majoring in Public Relations. I am the Social and Digital Marketing Intern for WBAA. I am interning with Rachel Lattimore, the Membership Director at the station. Since being hired in September, WBAA has provided great opportunities for me to develop and strengthen my marketing and media production skills. Working with the staff at WBAA and interacting with listeners and donors has been a fantastic experience. WBAA has allowed me to gain experience in hosting events for the station and creating a dialogue with the listening community. My passion is truly people, so being involved with the listeners of WBAA has reassured me that I would like to continue working directly with people in the future. After graduation I hope to become involved in Public Relations for a non profit organization or become involved in marketing for a children’s hospital. You can contact me at