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Indiana’s schools are seeing increased enrollment in the number of English learners, pushing many schools and communities to adapt to the growing population.


2015 ISTEP scores were supposed to be posted online for parents to see Thursday, but an executive from the company scoring the test now says that will be pushed back until Tuesday.

Pearson, the company that created and scores the ISTEP, wrote a letter saying it’s taking longer than expected to final check the scores and ensure quality control. Parents will be able to view their child’s score Tuesday.

This is the first year Pearson is scoring the assessment. Once the initial scores are posted Tuesday, parents have until August 12 to submit for a rescore. ​

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg and state superintendent Glenda Ritz detailed their proposal for universal pre-k Thursday, explaining why they want it for all kids and not just those for low income families.

The two Democrats want to create a new statewide pre-k program, different from the current pilot program supported by Governor Mike Pence, On My Way Pre-K.

On My Way Pre-K grants pre-k scholarships to low income families, but Ritz says she wants the program to be available for all students.

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The number of English learner students in Indiana is increasing, but the number of number of certified English language instructors is not.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Claire McInerny visited the Community Schools of Frankfort, the district with the highest percentage of English learners in the state, and reports on the school's struggle to bridge the gap.

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Undocumented students in Indiana can apply for a privately funded scholarship to attend college in Delaware or Connecticut. is a privately-funded scholarship organization that helps undocumented students fund their college education.

According to the Indiana Latino Institute, an estimated 300-400 undocumented students graduate from Indiana high schools each year.

Indiana is one of the many states that charge undocumented students out-of-state college tuition.


The 22-member panel tasked with developing a new standardized assessment test to replace the ISTEP will begin meeting soon.

Lawmakers mandated the ISTEP rewrite during the 2016 legislative session.

The panel has the ability to change the format of the test, the school accountability measures, and how often and when it can be administered.

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Indiana's primary was notable for its domino effect, which went something like this:

1. A sitting senator decides to retire.

2. Two sitting congressmen run to replace him.

3. Those two seats need filling, sparking hotly-contested races in the northeast and south-central parts of the state.

Young Wins Senate Contest

Representative Todd Young (R-9th) Tuesday easily defeated fellow U.S. House member Marlin Stutzman (R-3rd) to secure the Republican nomination for Indiana’s open U.S. Senate seat.

 Teaching can be a challenging profession, a job that’s hard to leave behind at the end of the school day.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Claire McInerny is following a group of first year teachers.

In this report, she catches up with one of them as he works to balance his personal and professional life. 

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As the May 3 Indiana primary approaches, ten school districts across the state are asking voters to raise taxes to fund school projects.

In November 2008, Indiana’s public school districts began posing more and more school funding questions to their communities on the ballot – should taxes be raised to fund a certain construction project or boost the district’s general fund? If a referendum passes, the property taxes increase by a specified amount for a specific period of time. They were rare before the property tax cap. Since November 2008, there have been 128.

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During the fourth State of Higher Education address Wednesday, Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers focused on increasing the value of higher ed in Indiana, and says the commission can  work to ensure college and credential programs lead students to jobs.

To do this, Lubbers says universities must partner with employers to provide internship opportunities for students.