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Nick Fountain

Nick Fountain produces and reports for Planet Money. Since he joined the team in 2015, he's reported stories on pears, black pepper, ice cream, chicken, and hot dogs (twice). Come to think of it, he reports on food a whole lot. But he's also driven the world's longest yard sale, uncovered the secretive group that controls international mail, and told the story of a crazy patent scheme that involved an acting Attorney General.

Before this job, he worked at NPR's Morning Edition as a producer and director. The hours were terrible, but the work was fun: He produced interviews with world leaders, witnesses to history, musicians, authors, and directors. He also chose the music that went between stories and directed the live show. He's reported from Haiti, Mexico, and the U.K. Before NPR, he worked at WBUR Boston, KQED San Francisco, KUSP Santa Cruz, a farmers market, a fancy cabinet shop, and a baseball stadium. He's the reigning world champion of Belt Sander Racing. He's glad you asked.